Monday, August 23, 2010

Sir Rabbie: Do not fear advising



FORMER prime minister Sir Rabbie Namaliu said corruption in government is a serious issue and urged ministers and senior advisers in government not to fear giving advice against bad decisions, The National reports.

Sir Rabbie, who had worked as secretary and adviser to Sir Michael Somare during self-government and independence before becoming a prime minister himself, said he had not feared giving advice against some bad decisions by the government during those early years.

“Governance issues are now a major concern to the people; and corruption is increasing.

“It takes a few bad apples to spoil our good name.

“It takes a couple of bad apples to rank the government corrupt.” Sir Rabbie said.

He was speaking at the 43rd birthday anniversary and fundraising of Pangu Pati last Friday night.

“I am raising this issue because for any party or government, if we want to be prosperous, it is something we cannot turn our backs on. We must take it head on.

“I enjoyed working with our coalition partners including the National Alliance, People’s Action Party and the others.

“I have been secretary and adviser to the current prime minister.

“I know the prime minister better than most of you. I made it a point that if I have to make an advice against bad government decisions, I made it.

“You cannot allow fear of losing your job or ministry against going against bad decisions.

“There are certain values that we must jealously protect for a strong robust democracy,” Sir Rabbie said.

He said people aspire to better standard of living, wealth generation opportunities, better road infrastructure, better education and health services.

Sir Rabbie said this government and future governments had the advantage with greater resources at its disposal to improve infrastructure, education, health and law and order.

He said the challenge was to have appropriate policies to develop this country and bring it forward.



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