Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Numapo takes over

Veratau, Juffa to work for the good of rugby league


FORMER PNG Rugby League chairman John Numapo will be heading a new interim committee with Gary Juffa and Albert Veratau as members to manage the affairs of rugby league in the country, The National reports.

The interim committee was set up following a decision by the former chairman Veratau to withdraw court proceedings against Juffa and his board challenging their election in Lae at the PNGRFL annual general meeting last November.

Both Veratau and Juffa have agreed to put aside their differences and work together for the good of rugby league in PNG.

The agreement reached between the parties was endorsed by Justice Ambeng Kandakasi on July 29.

The new committee will now replace the previous caretaker management committee comprising of Numapo and Brian Canavan appointed on July 3 by the Rugby League International Federation.

In welcoming the decision, Numapo said: “There are two things that stand out in this outcome.

“Firstly, the initiative taken by both Veratau and Juffa to have the matter resolved amicably between themselves and secondly, for putting aside their differences and agreeing to work together for the greater good of rugby league in PNG.

“Now that the tussle over leadership is put to rest, the committee has some urgent and immediate tasks to attend to as a matter of priority.

“Among others, the selection of the Prime Minister’s XIII for the game against the Australian PM’s XIII next month and the preparations of the Kumuls for the Four Nation in October. Time is against us and we need to move quickly on that,” he said.

A number of sub-committees will also be appointed to assist the new committee to manage the different activities and programmes of the PNGRFL.

The agreement endorsed by the National Court stated that the committee shall perform the functions of the board and management of the PNGRFL in managing and administering the affairs of the PNGRFL and, in particular amongst others:

*           Appoint Gary Juffa to be responsible for the administration and management of representative games for this year, including the review of the selection process and management of representative teams, such as the PNG Kumuls;

*           Appoint Albert Veratau to be responsible for the negotiations and securing of funding from the Australian government;

*           Ensure the continuation of the PNGRFL’s existing programmes;

*           Review and establish the PNGRFL’s relationship with the National Rugby League (NRL) Bid Team;

*           Propose changes and take steps to implement such changes as are necessary in relation to all of the above mentioned matters; and

*           Do anything and everything to promote the interest of rugby league in PNG.

The interim committee will cease to hold office at or after the 2010 AGM which shall take place no later than Nov 30.

The Rugby League International Federation and the Australian Rugby League have been notified of the decision of the Court endorsing the agreement reached.

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