Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Abal orders illegals to leave immediately



FOREIGNERS working or living illegally in Papua New Guinea must leave immediately, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Immigration minister Sam Abal said yesterday, The National reports.

These people are illegal immigrants who are not wanted here, he told journalists when announcing the department’s new model for processing visa applications at the Moale Haus in Port Moresby.

Abal said that the past weaknesses and other illegal means of obtaining and issuing visas would now be over with the installation and implementation of the new border management system.

He said the new PNG Immigration and Citizenship Services (PNGICS) would increase its staff strength and officers would be travelling to the provinces to hunt “foreign aliens”.

Therefore, he is warning those living in the country without proper visas to pack up and leave.

“My warning is that you start packing up and start leaving because we will not be lenient.”

Abal also warned foreign companies to abide by PNG laws and not to bring in people through illegal means.

He said those who had been engaged in human trafficking should also leave because they would face a bigger problem when the law caught up with them.

“Big companies and investors are warned to follow laws and respect the people of this country like what we do when we visit their countries.

“We know what is happening but because of lack of capacity and logistics, we were not able to monitor and investigate. However, with the new approach, it will be different because all visas will be approved at Waigani and issued at the diplomatic missions overseas,” he said.


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  1. This action is over-due, the first step to recruit additional staff and go around to all centers and check all Asian and African owners of small Asian shops and ask them all for their work permits.

    Secondly these Government officers must be paid well so that they are not lured by Asian dollars.

    Bapa Bomoteng