Monday, September 13, 2010

Citizens taking back control of their country



Since Independence, Papuans New Guineans have taken their own country for granted. 

As citizens, the people are somewhat tolerant about the way PNG is presently being cleverly manipulated, if not controlled for many years. 

But I hope this will soon change for the better.

 It is very important that citizens have every right to be concerned at the overall direction PNG has been heading for over three decades. 

As a sovereign country, we are fast losing the ability to control our own destiny, freedoms and national interests guaranteed by our national constitution. 

Since independence we have blindly trusted politicians, bureaucrats and those in positions of authority to apply fairness in our system of politics, and government.  The system has for far too long being manipulated, so unfortunately it really does not guarantee the people’s rights, and freedom. 

This must now be seriously addressed by all citizens. 

Failure to do this may soon see the total demise of PNG.

When we elect local, national and provincial government officials, we give them the job of providing a political, social, economic and judicial framework that allows our society to function in a way we believe is in our best interest.

The fact is that our politicians and bureaucrats have miserably failed us. 

As each month goes by, we are fast losing control of our country. 

It is only a matter of time before we lose total control in the way PNG should be governed, and its rich resources prudently managed today, and for our next generation.

Fortunately, there is a way forward. 

It is time for change with Papua New Guineans taking back full control of their country. 

It is high time the people take full responsibility by telling the politicians and bureaucrats exactly how things are going to be in future. 

As citizens, we will remind them that they are just mere public servants. 

We must keep reminding those in authority from the Prime Minister down that it is time to start serving the public in the national interest.

Papua New Guineans as the citizens of our country should now set out the national agenda, not public servants, politicians and big global business interests. 

These people have for a very long time now has all along proven themselves to be greedy, and self-serving. 

Nowadays, few can fail to be aware that the government wastes their tax money. 

But the true extent of this waste is astonishing, and even worse; is how waste is actually built into the system!

It has clearly been proven over time that it doesn’t matter which political party is in power.

Put very simply, the candidates on both sides tell the same tired lies year after year, and many voters still believe them.

Unfortunately, the same thing happens each time but voters repeatedly elect the same sorts of people come election time.

The real problem is deeper than the mediocre quality of our elected officials. 

Despite strident accusations by the people, I believe these are for the most part not evil men, intent of worsening the lot of citizens who put them into office.

Instead, they are marginally-competent men, unable to understand the larger issues, lost in the mass of immediate details and trying to find a compromise between conflicting needs.

We have all heard the rhetoric of politicians, but they are not answers. 

We also read, listen and watch the media reaction, but they still do not provide answers, just more questions.

What of the future? 

Where are we heading? 

What are we leaving our children?

Our politicians do not show us any vision and backbone required to lead us into the future. 

They are being led ‘willy-nilly’ by international influence and interests.

Are our laws just and fair?

 Does the judicial system provide justice or a job just for the law industry?

The average citizen today must start asking themselves these questions, and more. 

When I think about the manner our people have been constantly lied to since Independence, I become worried, angry and depressed, but motivated all at the same time.

This issue by now should have cause a deep debate on some serious issues that Papua New Guineans should be concerned about. 

We as a nation of people should not just easily accept what we are given or allowed at face value, because we need to enlighten ourselves to what is happening out there.

If we do not set things right by the people now, I say there will be a mass hysteria before the next political regime takes up office. 

I hope what I am saying here causes some serious debate on certain key issues of national importance, and hopefully some readers enter the debate, and possibly come up with some solutions.

In the final analysis, it is all about educating our whole country, adopting a certain point of view that is commonly shared by the majority of Papua New Guineans.  From this, a constructive discussion should follow that hopefully will subsequently result in a better future outcome for PNG.

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  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    I totally agree, Mr Renagi. But it is so frustrating to see corrupt politicians and bureaucrats turn a blind eye to the plight of ordinary citizens in this country. It has come to a point where we have reached extremes and the only thing left for us ordinary citizens is react using extremes to win back our country. I personally believe something bad will come about very soon. Wet tasol na yumi lukim.