Monday, September 20, 2010

Coffee pulpers and sewing machines donation

Bulolo MP

Testing coffee pulpers with some coffee beans while Yapleh Gilimbing looks on
Well, the coffee beans look OK!
See for yourself!
Handing out the sewing machines to the Bundun women's group
Bundun is a small village alongside the Bulolo National Highway, Ward 2,  of the Mumeng local level government headed by LLG president Mathias Phillip.
Yapleh Gilimbing,  a local leader from Bundun village, took ownership of a rundown coffee plantation with his clansmen some 15 years ago and needed coffee pulpers to process wet beans.
Through the district's district support improvement programme (DSIP) funds,  I have made available coffee pulpers for men and sewing machines for women.
The sewing machines can be used by the women’s group to raise their own funds  by sewing  uniforms or mending villagers' clothes while coffee pulpers will process the coffee much quickly to generate more income by a man as head of the family.
The Bundun ceremony was brief but I really admired the job done by the building team of erecting the pulpers.
The ceremony ended and we had to proceed down the hill to open the Omalai footbridge project.

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