Monday, September 13, 2010

Leaders of the future

They could have fooled any visitor into thinking that they were from another place and time. But, a closer look will reveal that they are only children dressed up and made to look like grown-up dwarves out to celebrate with their Narku tribe people at Mindima village during the launch of development projects valued at more than K1 million. Among them was the switching on of the EMTV signal and funding commitments and initiatives rolled out to the Kondom Augando High School, Mindima Village Court house, Nend-Keramugl water supply, Mindima market, Bamugl-Mengagl and Damar road and elementary schools at Nend Border, Gaglkugla, Guiye, Wandi, Mengagle, Damar and Pinga. Damar aid post, Nend Yomba-Suara care centre and Mingende Rural Hospital also received assistance. – Nationalpic by ZACHERY PER

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