Monday, September 13, 2010

Misima people regret life after mine closure



LANDOWNERS of the Misima mine in Milne Bay have called on the government to review their mine closure plan and the memorandum of understanding affecting the closure, The National reports.

The Eguma special mining lease (SML) landowners also requested that the state honour its mine closure commitment to conduct a socio-economic feasibility study before the end of this year.

Managing director Taulea Mosebi claimed that after Misima Mines Ltd ceased operations, no socio-economic impact study had been conducted.

He said the people’s standard of living had not improved despite the good things that Misima mines brought when it was in operation like well-maintained and supported health, education, transport, electricity and banking services.

Mosebi said apart from the current monitoring of the environment’s rehabilitation, there had been no major economic development on Misima to boost the livelihood of the islanders.

“Our people are struggling.

“No one has made any attempt to find solutions to the problems.

“Since 1989, Misima mine had earned more than K9.9 billion for the state. Yet, after the mine ceased operations, we have rundown buildings, inconsistent power supply and landowner projects initiated during the mine life have not continued,” he said.

Mosebi said Eguma landowners had taken the initiative to spearhead a Misima island project, which is aimed at assessing the island’s social, economical, environmental, cultural and political status.

“We seek to revive the island’s economy and, as such, we have obtained the support of the Milne Bay provincial administration, Department of Agriculture and Livestock and the provincial industry and support services as part of the steering committee,” Mosebi said.



  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Wari Blo yupela ol Misima. When the project started you did not think about these things well ahead. You were so carried away by the big bucks, you forgot what it would be like for you after the mine closure. Once again, wari blo yupela ol Misima. Ino problem blo mipela olgeta PNG, yupela no skelim wansiling wantaim mipela. Yupela yet nao wantaim korap gavaman na ol bureaucrats....

  2. Anonymous9:13 PM

    This are the things you people should have done in the first place and when the mine was in operation, its too late now. The government is to busy with the LNG project and I cant see them helping you guys in the near future..