Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today's protest march banned



NO protest march will be allowed in Port Moresby today, that’s the stern warning from police yesterday, The National reports.

NCD metropolitan commander Chief Supt Fred Yakasa told a media conference that the decision was in the best interest of city residents and the business community.

The decision stemmed from a nationwide planned protest march, scheduled for today, by non-governmental organisation and civil society activist Noel Anjo and his group.

The group had planned to march to parliament and demand Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare and cabinet to effect its immediate recall to deal with alleged controversial issues like the reappointment of Sir Paulias Matane as governor-general and the passage of the Environment Amendment Act and other bills.

While Anjo had promised city authorities that the march would be peaceful, police felt it would only endanger lives and properties.

Yakasa said the decision taken by the authorities was to prevent opportunists from taking advantage of the situation to loot and destroy properties.

Anjo and his group had also visited Lae and the highlands creating awareness on tomorrow’s planned protest.

However, opportunists in Eastern Highland’s Kainantu and Goroka took advantage of the situation and looted shops early this month.

Yakasa said this would not happen in Port Moresby.

He said police would be out very early in the morning today to make sure that no protest march was staged.

 “I am discouraging any individual or group from participating in any protest marches.

“Any protest march staged will be deemed illegal, and people will be arrested,” Yakasa stressed. 

Yesterday afternoon, police commanders from different sections and stations were told by Yakasa to be on alert and disallow any groups from gathering.

“Police are not trying to stop or suppress the rights of the public to voice their concerns on genuine issues, however, there are other safer and orderly avenues available that could be used,” he added.

“Those attempting to stage a march must understand and respect our position regarding the situation.

“In the best interest of city residents’ safety, peace and good order, no march must take place,” Yakasa said.

Late yesterday afternoon, a group of men were moving around the city in a vehicle calling on workers not to go to work and to join the protest march.




  1. jacinta11:47 AM

    How much longer is the freedom to assemble and expression going to be suppressed? They're only paving way for further disrespect for the law. The protest march on the maladina amendments went very well. Wasn't that evidence of order amidst protest? Why can't the government trust it's people? they proved it to you somare, didn't they? What sort of future do we want for our children? A future where they continuously get suppressed from expressing themselves. My generation has been failed terribly by the past generation. We can't sit back or our children will inherit these problems !!! something's gotta give. Sorry but the the riots are signs of times, signs of frustration, signs of not being heard !!!!!

  2. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Noel Anjo is a seditious shit stirrer who is also a cheap publicity seeker. The man holds no responsible leadership or administrative background, has no mandate to conduct the activities that he is involved. He is not a civil society leader, he is really a nobody and should not be taken seriously. He's agenda is to create enough publicity and following so that he can run for one of the Port Moresby parliament seats. Verdict: Arrest him and throw him behind bars. He is a trouble-maker, a disturber of the peace.

  3. P.Toko11:05 AM

    I was at home, Kainantu when the protest occurred last month. I stood there helpless when looters looted the asian stores. While its good to raise concerns about our country, it is very inhumane to loot stores. In fact the next day many town residents got a hard time buying goods because prices rise as well as things ran out. I honest support Noel but some people dont understand. They create alot of problems in the name of protest. Better stop it and just advice people to choose carefully in election time. Lootings such as in Kainantu brought disaster. Many people sold their stolen goods and resort to beer. As a result i witnessed a man in my village beheaded by his own brother after a drunken brawl. Three more youths ended up in deep cuts and unconsciousness at the kainantu hospital because of the 'free' money taken from stolen things. Please stop triggering peoples anger and let advise them to choose carefully their leaders. That's the best way.