Friday, September 17, 2010

Indon president honoured as chief

INDONESIAN president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has been conferred the title of “chief” in Papua New Guinea’s 35th independence anniversary honours’ awards, The National reports.

Yudhoyono was honoured for services in promoting the Indonesia-PNG relations, his leadership in strengthening democracy in Indonesia and fighting the evils of terrorism in the region and beyond, his leadership on climate change and international trade and development.

Catholic reverend Paul Marx was also conferred “chief” for services to the church and the people of PNG, especially the Gulf province where he had served as priest over the last 45 years and, more recently, as bishop of the diocese of Kerema.

South Pacific Brewery chief executive officer Stanley Joyce was among three recipients of the Star of Melanesia (CSM) for his services to commerce and the manufacturing industry, and to the community through contributions the brewer had made to numerous charities, humanitarian and sporting organisations.

The other two CSM awardees were Auwo Ketauwo for services to the community in Eastern Highlands and former MP, John Nilkare, for service to pre-independence public administration, commerce and the people of Chimbu.

Seven people awarded the Officer of the Order of Logohu included Sod Baim, Ian Glanville, Maclaren Hiari, Simongi Kangiong, Rev Dick Noma, Don Pandan and John Peka.

Members of the Order of Logohu (ML) included Soni Boku, Dr Ellis Diebler, Sam Imine, Steven Ipiung, Daisy Kennedy, Clark Kuliniasi, Taumaku Momoru, Toea Naime, Tau Nauna, Helen Afora, Wilson Thompson, Annemarie Rhodes, Steven Tabolahafo and Mary Anne Walker.

The national Logohu Medal (LM) went to Roy Aihi, Silvanus Aisi, Albert Aliabe, Philip Anian, Yawa Ape, Dumbiari Arigo, Lucy Kiki Buck, Rev Michael Kendi, Kilipo Hetape, Rev Benny Lali, Anthon Mala, John Morrison, Henry Onai, Tui Ori, Simon Paraun, Like Sataro, Joshua Sipo, Rev Michael Sowaka, Epogo Tayu, Peter ToRot and Pulupe Wauwe.

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