Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Australia Day message from the Australian High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea

Australian High Commissioner to PNG Ian Kemish
The 26th of January is Australia’s national day and a day of celebration for all Australians, including those living, working and travelling overseas. Australia Day allows us to pause and celebrate the achievements, experiences and values that we share as Australians.
We are proud of Australia’s democracy, our diversity and generosity, our vibrant cultural life, our indigenous cultures and our open mindedness.
As Australia’s High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, I am also very proud of Australia’s relationship with this country.
The relationship with Papua New Guinea is, by any measure, one of our most important and one of our most valued.
It is a relationship between two proudly independent countries, who share the same values and many of the same traditions.
The relationship is enduring and broad.
It is also, in many cases, mine included, deeply personal.
It is also a dynamic relationship which is evolving and changing. Australia welcomes this wholeheartedly.
We are pleased at the promising economic future which beckons for this country and will, where it is sought, provide whatever assistance we can to ensure Papua New Guinea realises its ambitions.
I would like to wish all Australians a happy Australia Day for 2011.
In doing so, we should remember the dreadful hardships so many of our fellow Australians are bearing in Queensland.
The floods have been devastating. My thoughts and sympathies, and those of my colleagues here in the High Commission, are very much with them.
I would also like to acknowledge the extraordinary generosity of the Government of Papua New Guinea and of so many Papua New Guineans in making donations to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Appeal. ]
As it was with the Victorian bushfires, Papua New Guinea’s readiness to come to the assistance of Australians in their time of need is deeply appreciated.
It will not be forgotten.
Finally, I would also like to reaffirm to all Papua New Guineans my commitment and that of the Australia Government to working closely with you in 2011 towards an even deeper and more productive bilateral relationship.

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