Monday, January 17, 2011

Independent review of AusAID currently underway

An independent review of AusAID is currently underway.

Details of this review are at

Submissions can be made in writing or via e mail.

Submissions to the review must be received before February 2, 2011 and the review's report will be available in April 2011.

The following are a synopsis of some recommendations that have been made in a submission to the Review Committee on AusAID.


·        AusAID has not been getting down to an operational level that is actually helping the average Papua New Guinea person;  

·        Before any aid future programme is commenced, publically-reported benchmarks for evaluating programme achievement must be established;

·        AusAID programmes must detail what ongoing skills transfer has been achieved by each programme and how this has been assessed;

·        Existing expertise is to be canvassed and utilised in programme design and operational implementation;  

·        Determining and involving the actual stakeholders at the lowest level in the implementation of any future programme;

·        Involve lower level government (LLG) in the implementation and monitoring of service provision. This will provide a direct link between aid recipients and those who are responsible for proving the funding;

·        Non-government organisations (NGOs) should be directly included in service delivery projects;

·        Local stakeholders are to be established and incorporated into any aid programme implementation phase to ensure ongoing ownership and value adding;

·        Bypass corruption at all levels above those who need the services;

·        Closely monitor and audit all programmes in Australia with at least two or more independent reporting structures and established risk management procedures. Digital photographs and the internet can be used to evaluate many programmes. There is no need for large numbers of overseas staff and consultants to be located on site.

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