Sunday, January 23, 2011

Australian aid to corrupt countries


How many Australians have serious concerns about how their taxes are shovelled off to so many dubious recipients of foreign aid by our politicians?

'Charity begins at home' is being proclaimed by those who oppose the level of our foreign aid when it is viewed against the backdrop of disasters like floods and bushfires as well as the plight of those home-grown Australians who are disadvantaged for whatever reason. 

 This doesn't stop a lot of silly politicians feeling good about dishing out our money overseas and it certainly doesn't stop dills like Kevin Rudd making a big man of himself as he pursues his agenda to get on board the UN.

Massive corruption in the majority of recipient countries guarantees that it is impossible to ensure that Australian aid dollars gets to those who are supposed to need it. 

Why do we have to give millions to Indonesia and how can we justify sending our money to African countries where monsters like Mugabe have supporters in the UN and even here in Australia? 


A recent piece in the business section of  'The Australian' – Paul Cleary, Jan 20,  is beyond belief as it describes aid-recipient Papua New Guinea powerbrokers buying into Australia. 


When will our so-called leaders wake up? 

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