Monday, January 17, 2011

Border security operation starts

Sunset Merona to deal with illegal arms and drugs


INCREASE in illegal activities such as drug smuggling, arms trade and gun trafficking along the PNG-Indonesian border have sparked security concerns among locals living in Vanimo, West Sepik, The National reports.
Members of the Regional Pacific Islands Regiment at Taurama barracks in Port Moresby joining their police and CS counterparts at yesterday’s launch of operation Sunset Merona along the PNG-Indonesia border. – Nationalpic by ANGELINE KARIUS
In addressing these concerns, a combined security operation was launched in the border town yesterday.
Code-named Sunset Merona, the operation would be carried out by disciplined forces personnel from the PNG Defence Force, police and Correctional Services, customs and foreign affairs.
The Sandaun provincial administration, through its security advisory committee, had requested the national government to intervene and re-establish authority and confidence at the border town.
However, reports said because of the long bureaucratic processes and procedures in the government system, the response did not come until last month.
Acting Police Commissioner Anthony Wagambie launched Sunset Merona on Saturday.
Acting director-general of the national security advisory committee secretariat Ian Jinga said at the joint parade: “This demonstrates and represents the national governments desire to pay greater attention in the management of our international borders.
“It also represents a response by the government to a call by the Saundaun provincial authority for government intervention

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