Thursday, January 20, 2011

Malaria hits Chimbu, drugs low



THERE is shortage of malaria drugs in Chimbu’s Karimui district which has been hit by an outbreak of malaria, The National reports.

The district health office confirmed this yesterday, adding that three surrounding villages Kiridan, Boisamaru and Meyosolita were worse affected having reported a number of cases.

District health officer Jerry Kubu said they were short of drugs but were working hard to provide medical assistance.

He said they would be going to other health centres to seek assistance for supplies of malaria drugs.

Community based health workers were currently on the ground providing assistance to the sick in affected areas.

The National was informed that people in the three villages were too weak to walk to the health centre for treatment.

District administrator Joe Nopo said funds from the supplementary budget had been used to be airlifted to the area tomorrow.

Member for Karimui-Nomane Posi Menai said that funds were released yesterday to assist the people who were affected.

The MP will be travelling to the area tomorrow to assess the situation on the ground.

It was also reported that many people in the area had the flu at the same time as malaria.

According to health research, the emergence of malaria in the Highlands region was a result of climate change.

Highlanders were another group of people classified as most vulnerable to malaria apart from pregnant women and children under five years.

The disease has not been in the region in the past and the people had little or no immunity against it.

They were likely to get very sick if bitten by an infected mosquito.


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