Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Simon says: ‘Life begins at 40’


Lae boy and longtime Papua New Guinea resident, Simon Merton, turned 40 last Saturday with big celebrations at his house at Korobosea in Port Moresby.
Simon Merton ready to blow out his 40 candles surrounded by wife Chairmaine, family and friends.-Pictures by MALUM NALU

 Family, friends and Hebou Construction workmates of Merton turned up at his birthday bash which started on Saturday afternoon and continued until Sunday.
 Guests included prominent commentator Reg Renagi, PNG Rugby Football League interim chairman Gary Juffa. Lae legend Terry Charles, pilot Sao Maliaki, former radio personality Uncle ET and many more.
 There was plenty of food, drink and a live band to keep everyone happy.
 Merton, the man-of-the-moment and an accomplished singer, took centre stage several times to wow party-goers.
 “I spent the last 40 years enjoying my life in PNG and am going to spend the next 40 doing my best to ensure our children get to enjoy their life in PNG,” he declares.
 “I love PNG and will do anything for my country.”

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