Friday, November 19, 2010

James all geared up for Miss South Pacific title quest


MISS Papua New Guinea’s bid to win the Miss South Pacific title will begin this weekend in Port Moresby, The National reports.
Miss PNG Rachel Sapery James sweating it out at the gymnasium in preparation for the week-long Miss South
Pacific title quest that begins in Port Moresby at 4pm tomorrow
Rachel Sapery James will be joined in the South Pacific title contest by 10 other participants from around the Pacific who are arriving today and tomorrow for the week-long event.
The winner will be crowned Miss South Pacific 2010.
James told The National yesterday that she would use the Miss South Pacific quest to spread three key messages.
“First is unity as a country to move forward.”
Quoting from a phrase used by Community Development Minister Dame Carol Kidu, James said: “The Bird of Paradise needs both its wings to fly, or the familiar saying: United we stand, divided we fall.”
She said her second message would be on education, “which is crucial in building our human resource capacity develop our country”.
James added: “And, finally, sustainable development, environmental awareness and conservation to live in a healthy and safe environment and have healthy and strong communities for the future.”
She said the pageant was also an opportunity to showcase and promote the country and its people.
“As a region, we need to stand strong and united.
“We need to give more opportunities for cultural exchanges, sharing success stories of achieving our goals for development and give ideas to each other to grow as a region.
“As a young aspiring PNG woman, I believe I have a lot to offer the South Pacific community if I were to be crowned Miss South Pacific.
“I see myself as a bridge between two worlds, bringing advanced modern innovative technology and knowledge of science and tools available to improve the lives of the vast majority and enhance our region.
“I see this also as an avenue to put PNG on the map.
“Even though we are the biggest nation in the South Pacific, there is very little spotlight and attention in comparison with other countries like Fiji and Tahiti.
“Thus, I will endeavour to promote our great country and its uniqueness for sustainable tourism,” she said.
“It will also be a great honour to be crowned Miss South Pacific on home soil.
“I am calling on all Papua New Guineans to support me, even if it means to vote for me via the internet, as we will be doing it all for PNG,” James added.
James is 26 years old and comes from New Ireland.
Besides the Miss PNG title, she also bagged the Miss Humanitarian and Miss Patron’s Choice during the Miss PNG quest.
The Miss South Pacific contest will be staged at the Lamana Hotel and Sir John Guise Indoor Complex starting tomorrow at 4pm.

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  1. I send my best wishes to all the contestants of Miss South Pacific 2010, including Miss Papua New Guinea here. All of the contestants are both beautiful and smart while also being such powerful voices for their respective countries and the South Pacific. I have the utmost respect for all parties involved.