Thursday, November 18, 2010

Settlement children mark international day

By ANCILLA WRAKUALE and GRACE AUKA (UPNG journalism students)

A GROUP of children at a settlement outside Port Moresby have been reminded that they have rights to live full good lives and, along with these rights come responsibilities, The National reports.
Children displaying placards with messages expressing their rights to live full and healthy lives. – Nationalpic by AURI EVA

 Addressing a fun day at 8-Mile settlement to mark International Children’s Day yesterday, World Vision representative Delphine Nuia also reminded parents that children must be valued and have a good childhood so that they could grow into responsible adults.
“In order for a child to live a happy life free from violence and abuse, all adults should respect these rights and ensure these rights are not abused,” she said.
To the children, Nuia said: “You also have responsibilities to go along with those rights; you have the right to go to school and your responsibility is to study hard, attend classes and do your homework everyday.”
Also joining the fun day were children from the 2-Mile and Garden Hills settlements.

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  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Great efforts of world vision & other similar organizations I aplaud for your efforts into settlement communities and the rural outbacks. I believe these are where the future of this country whether for good or bad holds and yet the government continues to act blindly and deny, if not use rural development as a scape goat to achieve own interests and not the rural peoples common interest. Rich getting richer & the poor getting poorer. Oh how can this be stopped...... mpey10