Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baki given seven days



POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki has been given seven days to explain why he should not be suspended and his contract of employment terminated, The National reports.

Baki told The National that he appeared before the Public Services Commission and was asked to show cause.

He has until next Tuesday to give a written explanation.

Baki is to respond to allegations that he misled Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare and senior members of cabinet over a submission for K10 million to deploy police in the liquefied natural gas project areas.

Baki said he appeared before the commission at 1.30 yesterday afternoon.

It is understood that under the Public Service Management Act, and its general orders, any public servant who was alleged to have breached his or her employment contract would be given a minimum of two weeks to respond to the allegations.

Baki said in the meantime, he was performing his duties as police commissioner.

He issued a media statement yesterday afternoon saying he was still in charge, and he would investigate members of the force who were using the opportunity to cause disaffection and disunity in the force.

Baki called upon all police officers currently lobbying for support from government in the appointment of a new head of the force to refrain from doing so and return to their duties.

“I am still the commissioner of police and, if there are matters before cabinet, they will remain that way until cabinet has made its decision.

“Until then, I call upon all police officers, including acting deputy police commissioner Tony Wagambie and NCD metropolitan commander Chief Supt Fred Yakasa, to return to their posts and carry out their mandated duties,” Baki added.

He warned that continued lobbying could destabilise the force and might have negative implications on the law and order situation in the country.

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