Thursday, November 18, 2010

MPs duty to protect PNG's interest: Namah

Leader of PNG Party Belden Namah has reminded members of parliament not to loose focus of their prime responsibility to act in the best interest of their people and the nation.
Namah said all elected leaders in government and opposition were duty bound and had moral obligation to rise, oppose and depose the current scandal-plagued Somare regime.
“Together with parties in the opposition and government defectors, PNG Party will continue to seek support from concern members for a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister,” he said.
Namah was responding to statements by National Alliance party president Simon Kaiwi who criticised opposition attempts to topple this government through a vote of no-confidence in the Prime Minister. “Simon Kaiwi has turned himself into a one-eyed monster, which sees only NA and the Somares,” he said.
“He has no right to question the opposition.
“His position as NA president gives him no right to question the opposition’s legitimate role to question government on important national issues and concerns.
“Presidency of NA is not an elective position.
“He is not equal to members of parliament.
“As such he cannot question the rights of elected leaders to question the government.
“Who is running the government? The elected prime minister, the unelected prime minister or Simon Kaiwi?”
Namah said it was the opposition’s legitimate right to question the government and hold it accountable for its actions and policies.
 He said that Kaiwi should be telling his political masters in the government of its dismal failure to provide basic and essential services to the people.
As well, Namah said the government should stop pretending, come out clearly and inform the nation of how it spent the K5 billion in various trust accounts.

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