Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Australian youth envoy raped in Madang



AN Australian youth ambassador on a surfing break in Madang was raped at the weekend, The National reports.

The victim was with three other Australians who had travelled to Madang’s North Coast Road looking for surfing spots last Saturday.

Police said the four were carjacked, robbed and then taken to a secluded spot where they were bound to trees and the female raped.

The criminals then used the victims’ car and stole two other cars.

Police said the incident took place near the Bunabun Health Centre at Ivoro village.

According to reports, the four Australians had stopped at Bunabun to drop off their surf boards when they were set upon by four men armed with two guns, a pistol and a dagger.

The four were forced into their vehicle and stripped of all valuables including mobile phones and driven to a secluded area where they tied the other three and took off with the female hostage.

The three, who were tied up, freed themselves and proceeded on foot to Midibar where they used a phone to alert police.

Condemning the attack, Australian High Commission official John Poultar said the youths were in the country under the youth ambassador programme and it was a sad experience when they were out to enjoy a weekend.

“It is about developing a relationship as volunteers in their host country under this AusAID programme,” he said.

In-country programme manageress Julie Bengi had voiced her concern, saying that the project was supporting organisations in a significant way and this incident had created a negative impact.

According to police, three suspects had been apprehended and were in police custody.

Police are looking for another suspect.

Provincial police commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr could not be reached for comments.


  1. Very Sickening Indeed!!! As a PNGean living overseas, these kinds of inhumane acts embarrasses me. I don't know what to tell my friends and those whom I confront daily about where I come from after hearing my accent. Strict laws or even death penalty needs to be introduced/imposed to minimize animalistic acts by PNGeans on 'kindhearted' people from other countries who come to help us to improve our standard of living. What is the government doing to these kind of people? I think our society doesn't need these animals anymore! They should be wiped out on the face of PNG and the entire planet. Mi les pinis nau!

  2. I am very ashamed as a Papua New Guinean at what has happened to this young Australian youth, but what has happened has nearly always happened in the various parts of PNG to many PNG women and young Girls too but it always tends to go unnoticed by the Media and Public. Why na nau tasol yumi like openim maus bilong mipela lon dispela wanpla incident ikamap? Shouldn't we blame ourselves first as Papua New Guineans for not addressing this animistic behavior that has for a long time been around and nothing has been done about it? As a Papua New Guinean serving in Australia and the PNG flag flying high just at the gate,I Feel that my country has really let me down and I really don't know what I am going to say to my friends if asked about this matter.But I see this as also a challenge to us as a people and a nation to take responsibility for the actions of our country men and to try our very best for those of us who are educated to reach out to our own country folks at the grass roots level wherever we are to educate people especially those in our various communities and especially our youths about the implications of their various action that can have very negative impacts that can be reciprocated back to harm everyones lively hoods wherever we are.