Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ombudsman Commission completes probe on Somares

THE Ombudsman Commission (OC) has said it has concluded its investigations on Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare and Minister for Public Enterprises Arthur Somare, The National reports.
The OC also said the matters were now within the competence of other relevant independent constitutional offices such as the courts and the Public Prosecutor.
The commission said these matters would be addressed by those offices in way they would be considered appropriate with regard to the issues of delay raised in the media.
The commission made the statement in relation to the status of referrals of Sir Michael and Somare to the office of Public Prosecutor as a result of its investigations.
The OC said it was mindful of the operation of the common law principle of sub judice, which essentially prevents public discussion of cases that are currently before the courts.
The statement from the OC said in part: “In the OC’s view it has concluded its investigations.
“However, the parties have exercised their rights to take the matter to court.
“OC assures that it is doing all it can to defend these cases and that of other leaders that have instituted legal proceedings against the OC so as to protect the integrity of its investigations.”


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