Wednesday, November 17, 2010

K687.5m for law and order, justice

LAW and order and justice, as a key government priority sector, have received funding of K687.5 million for 2011, The National reports.

This is an increase of K157.8 million from 2010 that will cover areas including K3.8 million for recruitment of 630 personnel and K1.5 million for vehicles to address lawlessness in major centres and cities.

Treasurer and Finance Minister Peter O’Neill said the police were also receiving K44.5 million extra in its recurrent budget.

This will bring the total to K256.7 million for 2011, including K30 million for the LNG project support.

The Correctional Service received up to K21.1 million, an increase from K67.9 million in 2010 to K89 million in the 2011 budget.

This is to cater for the new salary structure, new uniforms and 95 new recruits.

The Defence Force will receive an increase of K29.2 million from K115.5 million in 2010 to K144.8 million in the 2011 budget.

This will go towards staff awards and recruitment of 50 new officers (K7 million), K7 million for liabilities, K2.5 million for training, K4 million for maintenance of ships and aircraft and K1 million for Beijing defence attaché.

The Judiciary is receiving an additional K19.4 million from 2010, bringing the total in 2011 to K69.6 million.

O’Neill said the major component of this increase would be spent on court circuits, which was one of the government’s priorities in this sector.

Other increases in the sector included land tribunals getting K6 million, particularly in resource project areas in PNG and K1 million for village court uniforms.

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