Thursday, September 08, 2011

East Sepik Province people urged to unite

THE people of East Sepik have been urged to unite to demonstrate that it is the people who brought Sir Michael Somare into parliament and not any political party, Valentine Kambori says, The National reports.
Kambori, a tribal leader of the Sausse tribe in Wewak, said in a statement that the announcement by the speaker in parliament to dismiss Sir Michael, should prompt all Sepik people to unite and tell Papua New Guinea that it was not the National Alliance or the Pangu Pati or any political party which brought Sir Michael to parliament.
"Sir Michael Somare's election to parliament since 1968 is the collective will and mandate of the Sepik people as ordained and bestowed by the forefathers of the Sepik people after World War 2 restoration when two prominent chiefs Sir Peter Simogun and Thomas Yawiga called on the Sepik people to unanimously vote young Michael Somare to take the place of the white man Frank Martin who was then the regional member," he said.
Kambori said the Speaker could use the technicalities of law to remove Sir Michael but the Sepik people would return him.
"I challenge the government to issue the writs next week and the Sepik people will return him again to parliament.
"The founding father of this nation is our paramount chief and he remains with our forefathers mandate until that mandate is passed on and I call upon all Sepik people throughout PNG and the province to unite to prove that Sir Michael is not dead and we will return him unopposed to prove our point.
"It must be known by Papua New Guinea that you do not remove our leader on technicalities in parliament especially the founding father.
"The Sepik leader is only removed at the ballot box by the will and mandate of the Sepik people," Kambori said

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  1. With the current events happening this moment...I have been reliably informed by friends and relatives living and working in East Sepik Province that the Sepik people are chasing away and harassing ALL and ANY Highlander that they see in their way!!
    I am truly taken by this kind of action! Just wait and see if things get out of will really get nasty!