Thursday, September 08, 2011

Polye faction calls for National Alliance executives' resignation

THE Polye faction of the National Alliance party in government yesterday called for the resignation of the
national executives of the party, The National reports.
Flanked by provincial party executives and 11 of the expelled MPs yesterday Polye called for the resignation of the national executives for "bringing the party to disrepute and for making ill-informed decisions to serve the interest of a few people".
He said the party executives were supporting a few corrupt members and not addressing important issues.
He said the party MPs with him in the Peter O'Neill-led government were "founders" of the NA which should have suspended Arthur Somare, Patrick Pruaitch, Sam Abal and Paul Teinsten because of their leadership conduct which he claimed were contrary to the party constitution and policies.
"The action to terminate the 20 members was a slap in the face of the people of PNG and, therefore, I call on the executives and the members implicated to resign," he said.
Polye said his group was committed to addressing corruption and transparency and those members in the opposition who wanted to fight corruption should cross over and join them.
He said the split in the NA camp started some years back as all activities and conduct of business were not in the best interest of the party and in
accordance with the policies and constitution of the party but for the benefit of a privileged few.
He said some decisions made by Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare had contributed to the downfall of the party.,
Polye said regular dialogue was being maintained with the  NA MPs in the opposition to unite the party and contest in next year's elections.
Meanwhile, five deputy presidents of the NA party, James Kond, highlands; Douglas Tomurisa, southern; John Tuka, islands; and council members John Tiberame and Charles Synell, islands have called
on the party's national executives to convene a special council meeting to address the issues.
They said the national executives did not have the power to terminate the members and that the resolution to expel 20 MPs did not follow the party constitution.
Spokesman Kond said a few issues such as the Special Supreme Court reference, the full-page advertorial by the NA president Simon Kaiwi and the decision to expel the 20 MPs should be addressed at the meeting.
He said the council should decide such penalties and not the national executives.
The group said the council recognised Polye as the  party leader after the party caucus in Banz.
Terence Perene and Gerry Eremoge NA chairman of Southern and Eastern Highlands committed their support for Polye.
They said Polye was the duly elected party leader during the absence of Sir Michael and the expulsion notice was misleading and not in the best interest to the party.

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