Monday, September 12, 2011

Somare told to respect suspension

THE Ombudsman Commission says suspended member for Angoram Arthur Somare should refrain from signing provincial executive documents, The National reports.
Chief Ombudsman Commissioner Chronox Manek was responding to a newspaper article in which Somare blamed the commission of "complicity" over the latest political events including the dismissal of Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare from parliament.
Somare said the OC had been complicit in the Speaker's decision to declare the East Sepik regional seat vacant by not using its discretional powers to invoke the recall of parliament.
But Manek said Somare had been informed of his involvement in the PEC decision and signing the documents as a leader after he was referred to the Leadership Tribunal on July 4.
He said although Somare had questioned the validity of his referral, his suspension under section 28 of the Organic Law on the duties and Responsibilities of Leadership had not been lifted.
He said the section stated that where a matter had been referred to a tribunal under section 27, the person alleged to have committed misconduct in office was suspended from duty with full pay.
He said when allegations of misconduct had been referred to a leadership tribunal, a leader was suspended from duty, and therefore denied any opportunity to engage in any official duties

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