Thursday, September 08, 2011

Philemon: NRL bid a waste of time, money


THE K20 million allocated for the National Rugby League Bid is a waste of time and money, Public Service Minister Bart Philemon says, The National reports.
Philemon made the comment after the Pacific Games 2015 Authority Bill was passed in parliament on Tuesday, with 76 MPs voting for it.
Philemon said the NRL Bid was a failure while the Pacific Games was being neglected by the government.
He said PNG had bid in 2009 to host the 2015 Pacific Games and had assured the Games Council and the PNG Games Council that it would make available US$92.5 million for it.
He said the games was contested by more than 15 Pacific islands countries every four years.
He blamed the Somare government for failing to pass the bill and make budget allocation to prepare for the Games, which is expected to cost about K300 million.
Philemon said sport was important in uniting the country as evident during the 1991 South Pacific Games held at the then Waigani Stadium in Port Moresby.
He said the country had only three years to prepare and the onus was on the government to start now with the first budget allocation to be included in the 2011 supplementary budget.
He said a contract was already in place with the Pacific Games body, the PNG sport council and the government and that must be addressed by the government with the passing of the bill.

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  1. Anonymous1:52 AM

    Our bid is our dream, our future, our life; please leave it alone. We know it's a long way to go before entrying NRL but that is fine, we have to start somewhere and this is the time or else otherwise. We love rugby and it helps engaging the youths from illegal activities. Hon Philemon, your electorate Lae is filled with criminals and there is real law and order. You have a problem there you need to solve, talk about that one, not our Bid! Our bid and rugby can however help you solve you law and problem so support it, honorable member. When you pass the budget, don't forget our K20 million for next year's bid activities.