Monday, December 09, 2013

Basil demands release of Bulolo district funds


 Bulolo MP and Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Bail last Friday led a small but vocal group of supporters to Vulupindi Haus demanding the immediate release of his people’s district support improvement programme (DSIP) funds for 2013.
In heated scenes outside the building Basil, backed by Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour and rowdy supporters, accused Finance Secretary Dr Ken Nangan of telling blatant lies and denying the people of Bulolo what was rightfully theirs.
Basil addressing Nangan as Seymour (centre) and supporters look on.

Basil made the outburst after Nangan said not all government MPs had received their K10 million, which he said was not true, as all government MPs had received their K10 million.
Bulolo and Huon Gulf have not yet received K7 million out of the K10 million, which Basil said was by virtue of him and Ross being in opposition, and gave a deadline of Dec 31 to pay up or he would up on again on Jan 10, 2014, with even more supporters.
“Many government MPs have not got their K10 million yet,” Nangan said.
“What I’m told is that, eventually, all the money will be paid out to the districts.
“I can assure everyone that I will make sure that every MP gets their K10 million, but again, I’m subject to the government of the day.
“I can assure you that this will be before close of financial year.
“I’ll make it my business to deliver the K10 million.”
Basil, however, didn’t accept Nangan’s remarks.
“This is wrong,” he said.
“This money belongs to all the districts.
“I have friends on the government side.
“They showed me their K10 million cheques.
“Secretary, you are telling lies to me and the Huon Gulf MP.
“Cheques were written out and they have been paid K10 million already.
“You are telling lies by saying that government MPs have not received the K10 million.
“Mr Secretary, you are lying to an MP.
“I want you to go and get the cheque from (Finance Minister) James Marape.
“I want the cheque, Mr Secretary, now.
“This money belongs to Bulolo district.
“Why, Mr Secretary, are you treating MPs like plantation labourers?
“These funds are supposed to go out to every district through electronic transfer and divided into four quarterly payments: K2.5 million first quarter, K2.5 million second quarter, K2.5 million third quarter, K2.5 million fourth quarter.
“To date, government MPs have received K10 million, while we opposition MPs have received K3 million.
“There are only six MPs in opposition, we are no threat to government, and we should not be punished further.
“Mr Secretary, I’m giving you until Dec 31, and if I receive nothing by then, you will see my face again here with a crowd 100 times bigger.
“We will not care if the police arrest us, we will come here and demand for what is rightfully ours.”

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