Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PM: Government is very much focused on priorities

Media Statement

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says the government is focused on increasing Papua New Guinea’s trade and investment opportunities in the world market.
He made this statement during an interview with the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Media Manager, David Hendrickson, at this Parliament Office in Port Moresby recently.
“As the largest Pacific Island country, we look forward to sharing our experiences and natural resources with our neighbours.
“Since PNG has a vibrant economy, the future is looking very good for us.
“This government’s aim is to ensure that the future is right for our young men and women and we assure you, we are heading in the right direction.
“We are very much focused on increasing trade and investment with the rest of the world and other APEC member countries to enable quality standard of living,” he said.
Mr O’Neill said the APEC community can do more in taking the lead to address the issues of climate change appropriately and provide sustainable measures for the smaller island economies.
"Like the European Union, we are further encouraged to receive preferential treatment in the international markets.
“This government aims to improve our access to the world markets – and that is one of the most important things for us."
He told Mr Hendrickson, that the government is very much focussed on increasing our trade and investment with the rest of the world so as to improve our people’s standard of living. 
The Prime Minister also said the 2018 APEC summit in PNG will enable and encourage global leaders to experience PNG first hand. He said PNG has so much to offer and is in its planning stages of preparing for this international event. 
Mr O’Neill said PNG is currently in a very detailed planning phase to host the 2018 APEC Summit by building many new infrastructures.
"I am more than certain that we will host this summit successfully, just like other countries have previously," he said.

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