Friday, December 27, 2013

Kandep district receives K1 million from Abel

National Planning Minister Charles Abel has given K1 million on behalf of the government to remote Kandep district in Enga province for its high school and primary school.
Abel, when giving the K1 million to Kandep MP and Treasurer Don Polye in front of a massive crowd of more than 10,000 people at Kandep station last Friday, said K700, 000 was for the high school while K300, 000 was for the primary school.
Abel, who earlier opened the district administration building, commended the Kandep people for giving Polye – who was recently appointed as World Bank and International Monetary Fund chairman – to the nation.
Abel opens the new Kandep administration building.-Pictures by MALUM NALU

Abel (centre) being shown the start of works on the Wasa Bridge project.

Also present were senior government ministers James Marape (Finance), Francis Awesa (Works), Mark Maipakai (Industrial Relations), Byron Chan (Mining), Ben Micah (State Enterprises) as well as MPs Nixon Mangape (Lagaip-Porgera), Dei Kewano (Mendi and vice minister for Works), James Gau (Rai Coast) and Wera Mori (Chuave and vice minister for mining).
“Thank you for standing in the rain and cold from morning until afternoon,” Abel told the people.
“We are very happy to be here.
“What else can I say?
“They (earlier speakers) have said everything.
“It’s a great honor and a great privilege for a man like Don Polye to ask me to come and be the keynote speaker.
“There’s a reason why there’s a big crowd here today, as well as very senior ministers.
“It’s because we have a lot of faith and respect for the man sitting here.
“He’s a leader who has won on absolute majorities, even when there are disputed returns.
“I have sat with him in Cabinet, in Parliament, and he has taught me a lot.
“His attitude and humbleness make him a great leader, whom you people should be proud of, given that he was recently appointed as chairman of World Bank and International Monetary Fund.”

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