Friday, December 27, 2013

Kandep lays out red carpet for Polye

More than 10,000 people braved pouring rain and chilling weather in Kandep, Enga, to welcome back Treasurer and local MP Don Polye last Friday.
Polye being welcomed be traditionally-clad Engan warriors.-Pictures by MALUM NALU

Polye applauds a group of dancing Engan women at Kandep.

Man-of-the-moment Polye is welcomed to Kandep last Friday.

In a political tour-de-force, Polye, who was recently chosen as chairman of World Bank and International Monetary Fund, was given the red carpet treatment as he brought with him a truckload of six senior government ministers and six MPs, as well as bureaucrats including Works Secretary David Wereh.
They extolled his virtues and even hailed him as a future prime minister, given that his Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) Party, is the second largest party after the ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) and played a major role in formation of government last year.
Ironically, those who flouted him as a prime minister of the future included senior PNC ministers Charles Abel (Planning), Francis Awesa (Works), and James Marape (Finance).
The gathering could also be seen as silencing his critics, given Polye’s ongoing feud with longtime political rival and lawyer Alfred Manase, which has seen the people of Kandep turn on each other and the matter in court several times.
Three major projects were launched including the new Kandep administration building, Kandep Rural Hospital, and the Wasa Bridge project which will see a 320m bridge over the swamps and marshes of Kandep.
Several major road projects were announced, star being the Kandep-Mendi Road, with Kandep sandwiched between Enga, Southern Highlands and Hela provinces.
Despite being the man-of-the-moment, Polye chose to take a backstage role when it came to speaking, letting the ministers and MPs do that for him instead.
“Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is doing a lot to bring services to rural parts of Papua New Guinea,” he said.
‘Because of this focus on rural parts of PNG, Kandep has received many blessings, Kandep has received many services.
“I’m humbled today by the speeches made by my colleague ministers and colleague MPs.
“The honor that the World Bsnk and International Monetary Fund have given is a great honor to Papua New Guinea.
“Because of the financial management under the leadership of the Prime Minister, PNG has achieved something remarkable in the global community.
“It shows that PNG is a country to be reckoned with, and that Kandep is with us all the way.”

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