Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Public service is collapsing



THE public service system has collapsed and is in total disarray, a senior government official said yesterday, The National reports.

The official said this was evident by the number of acting appointments currently in the public ser­vice.

The source said currently, there was the acting police commissioner, acting correctional services commissioner, acting secretary for national planning, acting auditor general and acting public prosecutor but within departments and government agencies, there were many more on acting positions.

He also revealed that the Department of Personnel Management (DPM) did not even have records of the total number of public service on the government pay-roll.

“I believe the government is paying more than 300,000 public servants, including names of dead persons, wives, children and even some walking around the streets but still getting salaries every fortnight.”

He said the DPM claimed to have less than 100,000 public servants but they did not have proper records to show the total number of government employees, adding that Public Service Minister Moses Maladina had a big task ahead to get his department in order.

Maladina, when contacted, said he was aware of this report but decline to criticise his own department and said he was awaiting the return of secretary John Kali from holidays to map a way forward for the department.

He confirmed that there were too many acting appointments with some acting on the job for more than six months which was illegal.

He said the problem was that three months before the term of an appointment expires, the Department of Personnel Management must advertise the position.

He said during the three months, appointments were confirmed to ensure smooth flow of operations but this had not been happening, resulting in the current situation of acting appointments.

“I have a huge task ahead of me in which I have to conjure up all my experience to deal with this situation.”

Maladina said this year had been declared the “year of implementation” and he would ensure that the public service is put right to deliver government agenda to the majority of the people.

“It is a huge challenge for me and I will take the bull by the horns if I may put it that way for efficient and effective public service.”


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