Monday, August 08, 2011

Abal refuses to join NA caucus meeting in Minj

  MEMBER for Wabag Sam Abal said last night he and his group will not join the National Alliance camp in Minj for its caucus meeting, The National reports.
He said, firstly, he had a matter before the courts contesting last week's election of Peter O'Neill in parliament, which will be heard today.
Abal, who was removed as acting prime minister last Tuesday, also said the party was split by last week's action in parliament and needed to come together before any issue of leadership of the party or any other matter could be discussed.
"The party is split. One side cannot go ahead and decide on the leadership or any other matter. 
"The priority is for the party to come together and, then, we can decide as a party on the leadership and any other matters."
The meeting proper would begin today. 
It was reported that 17 NA members of parliament were present at the dinner last night.

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