Monday, December 19, 2011

Governor-General recognises O'Neill as legitimate Prime Minister

Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio has recognised Peter O'Neill as the legitimate Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.
In a surprising twist of events today, Sir Michael wrote a letter to O'Neill, which was read to Parlaiment today, saying how apologetic he was.
He said both sides must reconcile as soon as possible for the good of the country.
Following that, the O'Neill Cabinet quickly lifted its suspension of Sir Michael as Governor-General. 
O'Neill and his Cabinet are now at Government House meeting with Sir Michael.


  1. Anonymous12:27 AM

    The key issue is vacancy. There is no vacancy in the office of the Prime Minister. The Supreme Court ruled so on 12 December 2011. So the question is who advised and when was such advice given to Parliament that there was a vacancy in the office of Prime Minister? O'Neill, Namah, Marat and Nape were interveners in the SCR No.3 of 2011 filed and prosecuted by ESPG under section 19 of the Constitution. They know the truth and must live truth. Truth is Somare is the legitimate Prime Minister of PNG.

  2. Anonymous12:31 AM

    SCR No.3 of 2011 Decision handed down 12 December, at Waigani

    Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare was absent from the country and in Singapore from 24th March 2011 to 26th August 2011 for medical treatment. During that time there were 3 meetings of the Parliament in May June and August. Sir Michael had leave of the Parliament to be absent from the May meeting. On 2nd August 2011 Parliament passed a motion declaring that there was a vacancy in the office of Prime Minister and immediately thereafter elected the Hon Peter O’Neill as Prime Minister. There was a further meeting of the Parliament in September and Sir Michael attended that meeting on 6th September. Subsequently on that day the Speaker declared that Sir Michael Somare had lost his seat in Parliament by virtue of having been absent from Parliament without leave for 3 consecutive sittings of the Parliament.

    Injia CJ, (views of Sakora J to be inserted later) Kirriwom J and Gavara-Nanu J (Salika DCJ dissenting)

    1. The occasions and methods for removing a Prime Minister are restricted to those specified in constitutional laws;
    2. Sir Michael Somare was not lawfully removed from office as Prime Minister; Injia CJ, Salika DCJ, (views of Sakora J to be inserted later), Kirriwom J and Gavara Nanu J:

    3. A Prime Minister can only be elected on the day following the Speaker’s advice to Parliament that there is a vacancy in the office of Prime Minister.

    4. Mr Peter O’Neill was not lawfully elected as Prime Minister, the election was unconstitutional and invalid;

    5. The National Court has exclusive jurisdiction as to whether the seat of a member has become vacant by reason of facts arising under Section 104(2)(d) of the Constitution;

    6. The declaration made by the Speaker on 6th September 2011 that Sir Michael Somare had lost his seat by reason of being absent from Parliament for three consecutive meetings of Parliament pursuant to Section 104(2)(d) of the Constitution is unconstitutional and invalid.

    7. The meaning of “person of unsound mind” in Section 103(3)(b) of the Constitution is the meaning given by Section 81 of the Public Health Act Chapter 226

  3. Anonymous10:32 AM

    We the people of PNG have suffered enough of his greedy and Self-minded behavior. It’s time we see some changes and we have it now. In PNG, by way of our culture and democratic way, its peoples’ Choice! And Peter O’Neill is majorities Choice in PNG. Get over it.

  4. Anonymous10:23 PM

    You sound like a broken hearted law breaker like your young greedy hound who waited and struck when the keeper was on a sick bed. People like you who lack intelliegence should not use people's name in vain when their leaders were locked away and pushed around in buses like circus clowns. PNG does not need leaders who are so manipulative like those power hungry hounds in the camp you support. And what do you say about a gestapo legislation that was passed yesterday and one of our very senior statesman let out the truth as to how nervy that team is that they are fortifying their regime for greed.

  5. You sound like Betha, Anonymous, get a real life and a real name instead of stealing our money!

  6. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Do you mean Bertha Somare??? some propaganda...
    PNG is a independent country and not a family business.