Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kikori landowners now have business plan

Kikori Oil Pipeline Landowners’ Association from Gulf province  now has a five-year plan to guide its business from 2011-2015.
Private consultant, Don Tore, handed over the plan to association chairman Bomsy Boviro in front of councilors and other village leaders during a meeting at Wellness Lodge in Port Moresby last Friday (Dec 9).
Kikori Oil Pipeline Landowners’ Association chairman Bomsy Boviro (centre) surrounded by councilors, village elders and others who attended last Friday’s meeting at Wellness Lodge.-Nationalpic by AURI EVA

“This will guide and lead you for the next five year,” Tore told the landowners after presenting the plan to Boviro.
Boviro said the association – made up of the four tribal groupings of Kibiri, Rumu, IKP and Kerewo - had been in existence for the last 10 years and this was the first time that it had a proper business plan.
It benefits from the oil pipeline between Southern Highlands and Kikori.
Landowner company, Kikori Oil Investment, has been around for the last 20 years.
“This association is comprised of the four tribes,” Boviro said.
“This association has been around since 2000.”
Boviro also announced at the meeting that the association had secured the services of Telikom to set up VSAT services in Kikori.
He said this would allow for easy mobile phone and internet services in the area.
He said the biggest beneficiaries would be school children, who would have easy access to internet.
The meeting was also attended by former Gulf provincial police commander Reuben Giusu, from Morobe province, but who will be contesting the Gulf regional seat in next year’s national elections.


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