Thursday, December 15, 2011

O'Neill says he is legitimate Prime Minister

Peter O'Neill says his faction is the legitimate government of Papua New Guinea and he is the legitimate Prime Minister after being sworn in by Speaker Jeffrey Nape yesterday. 
He has also ordered Sir Michael Somare to immediately vacate the Prime Minister's office at Morauta House, however, Sir Michael has refused to move and are his faction is holding a press conference right now, surrounded by policemen loyal to him.


  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Old man Somare should resign and leave politics gracefully.
    He is frail and ill health and is a liability than an asset. He should let the young and vibrant leaders like Peter O'Neill run the government for next 4 months. There is nothing he can offer people of PNG in the next 4 months. He failed terribly to offer PNG people a good governance in the last 9 years he was a PM. So what is he going to offer. Peter O'Neill govt has made big difference and saved PNG from hands of the dogs.

  2. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Somare, his most corrupt son Arthur with his kitchen cabinet have crash landed the plane with 7 million inocent passengers after flying so low for years. The plane's parts are now scattered all over PNG and the world over. God knows that and we also have some idea. It's too little too late because a crashed plane's parts can bever be put back altogether again. What is gone is gone. Not millions but billions have been stolen by his most corrupt regime in the midst of worst political scandals and mafia type rule. Somare, Arthur, Patrick and the like have cunningly controlled everything under name of adhering to laws and due processes. For instance, Commander of PNG Defence Force just before his retirement age was appointed just because he is from Sepik, Police Commisioner Wagambi from Sepik not properly appointed according to due processes but from Sepik, Richard Sikani also from Sepik as CIS Commissioner, Auditor General of PNG also from Sepik (prior to his appointment he was not on the previous short-list of applicants but Somare short-circuited the system), Treasurer Pruaitch (Somare's cousin), Arthur his son a tyrant over the state-owned enterprises, Richard Maru also from Sepik controls massive amounts of public funds at the State-owned National Development Bank (formerly Agriculture Bank) and the list is endless. Infact PNG is already sold to them. Who will ever dare stand up against this regime? It is now or never. Enough is enough. We need to keep our leaders on their toes. If they are corrupt and not delivering we need to vote them out. We need to see leaders and bureucrats who have stolen millions of public funds to get behind bars

  3. Anonymous5:23 AM

    The law is the law and must be upheld. Popular politician Peter O'Neil can come back as PM after the next election if he is not arrested beforehand under the criminal code for contempt. Btw, the Somare's are not related to Pruaitch. However he is the reason why Sir Michael suffered the way he did. Throw enough shit and it will splatter and stink.

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    With due respect, The Grans Chief, Sir Michael Somare should call it quits in politics. He should spend his remaining days with his bubus and look after his fragile health. We salte him for bringing PNG this far but his days of rule is far from over. Resign with honor. What have he got to lose, when has have everything at the extense of the 7 million population of PNG? Is it the huge amount of monies instore before 2012 general election come, or is the something he has to hide coz the O'neil/Namah govt has been uncovering alot of corrupt deals recently? Now is the time when the true sons of this sovereign nation will rise up in unity and bring this nation forward. Lets ring the bells of FREEDOM. GO PNG with God on your side.