Monday, December 05, 2011

Polye tells Pruaitch to be truthful


MINISTER for Finance and Treasury Don Polye says former minister Patrick Pruaitch should not mislead the public with allegations of misappropriation and illegal use of public funds by the government, The National reports.
“You live in a glass house and should not throw stones. And, do not get excited about untrue stories told by Sir Arnold Amet and the puppet Sam Abal,” Polye said.
“Why is Pruaitch allowing himself to be used by the selfish elements with selfish interests to disseminate fake and misconstrued facts?” he asked.
Polye said as a former treasurer, Pruaitch knew very well that when trust instruments expired, the minister responsible for the Public Finance (Management) Act, under his or her powers, either extended or revoked the instruments depending on what best suited fiscal management.
He said Pruaitch should know that at the end of every fiscal year, the report on the process of the close-of-accounts, which considered the accounting of the fiscal year, was made available.
He said the fiscal year had not yet ended and the process was continuing.
“What has gone on in the media with regard to the so-called K500 million expenditure outside of the budget is only a political gimmick,” Polye said.
“I dismiss all claims made by the opposition as false, misleading and political hot-air in their vain hope that they might rule once again, an opportunity I see as being remote and distant.
“As treasurer, I want to make it clear to all citizens and taxpayers that all payments that have been made during my tenure as treasurer have been paid legally, correctly and directly to the respective district, provincial and departmental treasury accounts.
“These accounts are governed by the PFMA and the Constitution.
“There has never been any illegal payments made and I will give the honest report of the government accounts in the usual way at the end of the fiscal year.”
Polye said Pruaitch should bow his head in shame for approving a K125 million payment out of the workers’ contribution to Nasfund.
He was referring to the Sovereign Community Infrastructure Treasury Bill that was approved by Pruaitch for the Kokopo district when he was treasurer

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