Thursday, December 15, 2011

O'Neill appeals to Somare to resolve the stalemate

Parliament is on right live on NBC FM 90.7 and they have just made an opening prayer to God to rescue Papua New Guinea from its current political chaos.
"Prime Minister" Peter O'Neill has appealed to "Prime Minister" Sir Michael Somare to attend today's parliament session and resolve the status quo.
Only the O'Neill faction is in parliament right now while the Somare faction is understood to me meeting at Morauta Haus in Waigani, which houses the Office of the Prime Minister and the National Executive Council. 


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Let's not confuse the people of PNG and call an
    early election. O'Neill seems to have the numbers
    and if it's not resolve then I think the Queen
    should step in and nominate who is the Governor

  2. is the grand chief coming in to the Parliament.......please advise

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    There are a sufficent majority of members now in attendance at Parliament to constitute a quorum.
    The simple solution is the have a vote on the numbers.
    Too bad if the NA with Somare don't turn up. Once the vote is recorded the the whole thing is done and dusted.
    We (and the CJ) need to remember the doctrine of the separation of powers, the Courts can not directly interfer with parliamentary process, its both the Law and convention.
    Any public servant not observing this convention, including officers within the police and state solicitors office should be dismissed and replaced.
    Obviously Daniel Rolpelgarea needs to be suspened pending an investigation in to his quite improper advice to the GG.
    The simple fact is that te Court could not "restor" Somare to the role of PM, the Courts are gorbidden to make such orders.
    Some thing wrong with the CJ if it be said............