Thursday, December 15, 2011

O'Neill address huge crowd at Waigani

Peter O'Neill and his faction are addressing a huge crowd at Waigani Roundabout near Parliament right now while just next door, at Morauta House, the Sir Michael Somare faction is holding a press conference.
To avoid a repeat of Tuesday, where policemen led by Somare-appointed police commissioner Fred Yakasa stopped the O'Neill faction from entering Government House, extra policemen from other provinces have been flown in to support O'Neill. 
We can only hope and pray that there's no confrontation between the two opposing groups of policemen.


  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    who is in charge of the policemen and giving orders?

  2. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I think old man Somare should resign and leave gracefully to be held at high regard. He has lost the support of the majority of the PNG population because of his mismanagement of PNG in the last 9 years. His ideas are outdated and PNG is where it is now beacuse of bad ideas and leadership that Sir Somare has provided.
    O'Neill is a vibrant, energetic young leader and knows eaxctly where he wants PNG to go in the years ahead. Somare never provided that in the last 9 years.

  3. Anonymous4:06 PM

    PNG is well ahead of Sir Michael's ideologies and way of governance. The world has changed, technology has changed, governance and politics had changed. Somare should hang his boots and have some good rest after hospital. How come he wants to be up there all the time? You are not the only leader in PNG. Great leaders have given away, as long as they achieved this goal. This old Sepik wants to be there. There is nothing to show for the last 9 years. What is your basis?

  4. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Anon, think your right. Sir Puka Temu got it right over 18 months ago when he surrendered his roles as Minister for Mining and Deputy PM in a concience vote and crossed the floor.
    Time for change and hope.
    The whole nation is suffering badly from long term depression and a feeling of hopelessness.