Sunday, December 11, 2011

Arthur Somare calls Peter O'Neill a "liar"

SUSPENDED Angoram MP Arthur Somare has claimed that the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is a "liar" and is referring him to the Ombudsman Commission.
 He is also referring Lawyer Philip Ame to the Law Society for perpetuating a "lie" in court.
 Somare was bemused by the allegations that he secretly met with Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia at the Ela Beach Hotel on November 4.
 “The action of Peter O’Neill is an action of a desperate man who is handing by the skin of his tooth to be in power.”
 Somare said it waas unbecoming of a leader lying in the face of the Supreme Court.
 “Politics you can play with me but do not tarnish the name of the Chief Justice," he said.
"He is too big to drag his name down.
 “This is total lie as I do not drink, play pokies or stay up late at hotels and night clubs.
 “I believe in the rule of law and I believe the court will make a decision.
 Somare said the closest meeting with the Chief Justice was at the Court house in the public gallery.
 “The three who made the allegations are liars and Peter O’Neill is a liar.”
 The National visited the Ela Beach Hotel to check on the operating hours to find that the hotel's pokies parlour closes at 10 o’clock and it does not serve late diners.

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