Monday, May 21, 2012

Breaking news: Somare reinstated as prime minister

Sir Michael Somare was reinstated as prime minister by Supreme Court tonight.
Three judges voted for and two declined to vote. 
The two judges said they did not vote because the judiciary had been compromised.
O'Neill held a press conference tonight. 
"Judges Gibbs Salika and Bernard Sakora accused Chief Justice Salamo Injia and Nicholas Kirriwom of lacking integrity and disqualified themselves from today's referral decision to determine legitimacy of O'Neil-Namah governmentt," reports Susuve Laumaea.
"Government has called emergency Parliament session tomorrow to deal with what is now widely seen as tainted and corrupt."
 A majority opinion of three Supreme Court judges - Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, and Justices Sao Gabi and Nicholas Kirriwom – was that the election of O’Neill as Prime Minister was illegal.
Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika and Justice Bernard Sakora declined to publish their opinions.
The majority ruling was that: “The re-election of Peter O’Neill was made in breach of the binding opinion and declarations and orders made by this court on 12 December 2012.
“Parliament should have exercised patience and await the judgment of the court, and complied with the binding opinion and declarations and orders by allowing Sir Michael to resume his seat in parliament before a motion, if any, is entertained by the speaker to remove him as prime minister in accordance with the constitution.”
The court also interpreted that the Prime Minister and National Executive Council (Amendment) Act passed to set a minimum age limit at 72 being unconstitutional as it stopped a person’s “right to stand for elective public office".


  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Natural justice has to prevail and it did. Oneil must humbly vacate office to show the traits of a good leader and prove himself in the elections. We know that Sir Michael campaigned hard for most of the MPs back in 2007 including Oneil to win their seats.

  2. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Why cant §omare go in resign as a Prime Minister.Because its Election time nothing much he can do.He will gain high respect for his contribution to this country.

  3. Anonymous9:23 PM

    The judges' ruling has added more salt to the wounds of Somares and his kitchen cabinet as PNG has moved on with a new Government. I see this as another form of punishment for the Chief.

  4. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Legal standing of all judges have being compromised..This is not natural justice! should we say emotionally driven man made justice? esp when CJ is involved?

  5. Anonymous7:10 AM

    What has happened is that there are judges who are prepared to uphold the law. Leaders who do not respect that are selfish. By now people know who they are. They are those who do not want to let go something that was not gotten rightly properly following law and it's process. Let's stand firm on godly values and principles and see these calibre leaders out of the people's house!

  6. Anonymous4:52 AM

    Theres nothing much Somare Gov't can do within the last two weeks. The only reason I see is to get in and refill their pockets from the public purse.