Sunday, May 20, 2012

The shame of Baruni Dump


Our politicians continue to lie to the whole world that there is no poverty in PNG.
 Get real guys walk the streets of any of our major towns and cities, see the beggars, scavenging the streets for food, living out of cardboard boxes. 
Three years ago, in February 2009, I took a French journalist and an Australian photographer to the Baruni Dump in Port Moresby, and they were moved to tears to see school-aged children looking for scrap of food among the tonnes of rubbish. 
Three years on, children do not go to school because their parents can’t afford school fees, people die because they can’t event afford the hospital fee, while our politicians can fly to Singapore when they have a small headache.
The Baruni Dump is not too far away from the multi-billion dollar LNG project, however, it's a whole world away.
Here are some pictures of the Baruni Dump I took this morning.
Baruni Dump

Baruni Dump

Baruni Dump

Baruni Dump

Baruni Dump

Mother and child foraging in the Baruni Dump

Baruni Dump

Mother and child with a bilum bag in search of water

Roadside shack

A humble Baruni Dump abode

Makeshift church at Baruni Dump

Roadside stall

Baruni Dump road

Young men in a roadside shack

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