Friday, May 25, 2012

Longtime PNG resident to contest Moresby South

Simon Merton, has nominated to contest the Moresby South seat.
 Merton, 41, a senior manager with Hebou Construction who has spent his entire life in PNG, is a member of Gary Juffa’s People’s Movement for Change.
 Merton and fellow candidates Albert Uru (Rigo), Labi Amaiu (Moresby North East), Juffa (Oro Regional,) and Rawali Bokuik (Moresby North West) nominated this week
Simon Merton (second from right) with fellow People’s Movement for Change candidates (from left) Albert Uru (Rigo), Labi Amaiu (Moresby North East), Juffa (Oro Regional,) and Rawali Bokuik (Moresby North West).

He grew up In Port Moresby, Lae and Madang, completed my primary school at the then Ela Beach Primary School and went on to complete high school at both Port Moresby and Lae International high schools.
  Merton has spent the last 25 years working both within the government and private sectors here in PNG and has nine children.
 “After many years of watching my beloved country deteriorate in front of my eyes, I have decided that I can no longer just sit back and watch,” he said.
 “I have a responsibility to our children, to our grand children, to all of our people, to stand up and try and do what I can.
 “I can no longer just watch in despair, I have to do something. 
 “I am not a wealthy business man; I am a working class family man who has had enough.
 “I will not be conducting a ‘lamb flaps and beer’ campaign that you may expect from other candidates, I do not have bucket loads of money to buy votes with.
 “What I do have is a heart and conscious for our people.
 “I am not going to make you extravagant undeliverable promises.
“All I can offer you is a promise that I will do my best to do everything I can do for the benefit of our people.
 “I will fight tooth and nail for our people.
 “I am tired of watching our people suffer at the hands of a corrupt few.” 

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