Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today's buai pekpek (betelnut shit) in Port Moresby

Old habits die hard! 
We may have so much money but PNG will never develop unless people stop the buai pekpek and general littering.
 And this doesn't cost anything!
Right now, keeping Port Moresby and PNG clean will do more for the health of PNG than all these political gobbledegook flying around!
This is the perennial 'Baruni Dump' in front of Mobil Service Station, Waigani!

Things that make you go 'yuck'!

Poor fella doing his best to clean up BSP Waigani, however, it'll be painted red before the end of the day!

Outside BSP Waigani!

Till hell freezeth over before this buai pekpek is cleaned!

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