Saturday, May 19, 2012

PNG SMEs to get help


Two Papua New Guineans who completed a one-week training workshop in Suva, Fiji, last week will assist PNG small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with business development services (BDS), The National reports.
 Small business and arts entrepreneur Joycelin Leahy and National Agriculture Research Institute food scientist David Minemba were among 24 participants at this workshop held at the CETC Training Centre, Suva. 
Entrepreneurs Leahy (left) and Minemba at last week’s SME workshop in Suva

 The BDS workshop, attended by participants from 10 countries, was aimed at capacity building and training PNG and other Pacific islander to assist SMEs in their respective countries.
 The training is expected to equip the consultants to trouble-shoot businesses and assist entrepreneurs to better manage their businesses.
  Contents of the training included steps taken in the entrepreneurial journey, managing business, business coaching, using basic principles in business, working with human resources and marketing business.
 “The entrepreneur’s journey is often tough and lonely and there are many pitfalls,” Leahy said.
 “Sometimes you need to have a guiding hand that will work with you and assist you to realise your goals and find the best ways to achieve your profits.
  “As entrepreneurs we often think that we know everything, but we don’t.
 “When you develop a good idea into a business, it does not mean that you can instantly make a profit.
 “You still need to go through the hard yards before you get there.”
 “This is where the services of a BDS provider will come in handy.
  “The BDS provider can assist with advice and steps to improve the business after close consultation with the business owner.”
 Leahy intends to assist with BDS for small to medium businesses in the informal sector and rural PNG.
 Minemba, who is a senior food scientist with NARI, will be looking at assisting PNG farmers, especially in Western Highlands.
 “We want to help change the lives of our people and help them to become good business people,” Leahy said.
 “There is a very prominent trend in business downfall due to our ‘wantok’ system and we want our people to learn about how they can cope with this cultural mentality, use it to assist their businesses and not let it encumber their dreams.”
 The BDS training clinic will be run from Port Moresby in September, after the elections.
 Further dates and information will be announced later.
 For more information email Leahy at and Minemba

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