Saturday, May 19, 2012

Taiwanese company aims to light up PNG

A leading Taiwanese company aims to light up PNG with its range of innovative and affordable solar power products, especially after hearing from PNG Power that only 12% of people here have access to electricity, The National reports.
Speedtech, a leading electrical component company in the ITC field, wants to supply solar power products to rural PNG as well as urban areas, and has gone as far as meeting with PNG Power to discuss this
It is well aware that rural PNG, with all its abundant sunlight, does not have rural electricity after more than 36 years of independence and wants to offer a solution to this.
General manager Lucas Chiu and his sales manager Salam Lin are in Port Moresby on a five-day trip to survey the market before a major exhibition in September.
Chiu shows an example of a solar-powered portable light.-Nationalpic by MALUM NALU

The company supplies products such as solar panels, solar power plants, solar home systems, solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar portable lighting, solar bus stop and advertising billboards, solar water pumps, and light emitting diode (LED lighting).
The company already has an agent here in Sky Light Ltd.
“We believe solar power is the answer to PNG’s electricity needs,” Chiu told The National after giving a demonstration of his products.
“You have everything here to supply solar power.
“This is also clean energy.
“We think there is a lot of potential here for our products to help the people of PNG.”
He added: “The purpose of this trip is to identify and evaluate the environment in PNG.
“In September, we will be back and bring back new products.
“We will have a major exhibition here.”
Speedtech already supplies solar power products to many countries around the world, including the Pacific.

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