Tuesday, February 23, 2010

National Executive Council approves K42m for projects in WNBP

THE National Executive Council (NEC) meeting in Kimbe has approved funding of 10 projects costing K42 million for West New Britain (WNB) province, The National reports.

The NEC gave the approval following a joint consultative meeting between Cabinet Ministers and the provincial executive council.

Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare made the announcement at a farewell dinner he hosted at the Kimbe Catholic Hall last Thursday evening.

“I am happy to announce that the NEC has approved the funding of the projects submitted by the province for funding under the Public Investment Programme (PIP),”Sir Michael said.

“These projects have been fully reviewed and their detailed project documentation already submitted to the national government.

“In addition, Treasury officials have assured me that K2 million for churches in West New Britain will be made available this week.

“I had alluded to a number of partnerships between the national government and the Provincial authorities in the implementation of certain projects like the Airport, wharf and road infrastructure.

“I am pleased to announce that K50 million is available from the ADB (Asian Development Bank), from which we can draw to assist with redevelopment of the Hoskins Airport, including the terminal facilities.”

He said the NEC had also noted the importance to the economy of the Kimbe Port development and had agreed to find the additional funds required for this project.

On the Kandrian-Gloucester road, he said the national government had already agreed to help with funding of this road.

Sir Michael also announced the appointment of Dr Victor Golpek as CEO of Kimbe Hospital.

“I have boldly stated that WNB is one of the few provinces that utilise properly what Waigani allocates through the annual national budget.”

“I did not say that because it was polite to utter those words for the occasion. 

“I was basically stating a fact, and I am proud of the performance of the WNB province.”

He said the economic activity in the province attested to this.

“Another aspect of the province that struck me, and for which you should be proud, is your ability to have different people from all parts of Papua New Guinea living in harmony.

“This is something that perhaps other provinces can learn from WNB.”


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