Monday, February 08, 2010

Growth and expansion are signs of investment, says Sir Michael

Boardroom at the new L & A complex

Warehouse of the new complex

All dolled up for grand opening today

Façade of the new complex

Entrance to the showroom today

Top of the range furniture at the L & A showroom

Lush sofa at L & A showroom

Everything for your home

L & A dinner set with chairs

Another quality dinner table and chairs

L & A specialises in the best tiles you can find in PNG

Tiled headstones provide a niche market for L & A

Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare says growth and expansion are obvious indicators of a conduicive environment for investment.

He was speaking at the grand opening of the K15 million L & A Group of Companies’ head office, showroom and warehouse at Six-Mile in Port Moresby today.

It was the culmination of 40 years of hard work by businessman Luciano Cragnolini and wife Ni.

Sir Michael said it was indeed a pleasure to be invited time and time again by private sector organisations to celebrate with them, their achievements in Papua New Guinea.

“I thank you – Luciano and Ni Cragnolini of L & A Construction for that pleasure today,” he told a fullhouse crowd at the opening.

“Such growth and expansion in the private sector are obvious indicators of a conduicive environment for investment.

“PNG is a nation that critics like to boldly profess would collapse into a heap at any moment.

“I have always believed that we can do it: that one day the world will see and the focus will be upon us, a nation of united indigenous peoples with an amazing future ahead of us.

“We have done it.

“From here, we must show our capacity to handle change by welcoming all other races to live and work together; to grow our industries; provide employment to our people and add value to our future.”

Sir Michael said when the Cragnolinis arrived on PNG shores many years ago, they neither expected to be here for this length of time, nor invest further in this economy.

“While it is a celebration for L & A Construction on the opening of their head office, showroom and warehouse, it is also a celebration for PNG,” he said.

“Slowly, but surely, we will witness in the course of the year other ventures not only opening up but also expanding their operations.

“As head of government, I support all legitimate businesses in Papua New Guinea.

“I encourage the cooperation of all government agencies to play a complementary role in fostering further development and growth.

“But as we grow, we must be mindful of the country’s rules and regulations.

“There must be compliance to rules and standards; they must not be dropped.

“This is not only for the building and construction industry but for other industries as well.

“As developments accelerate in this country, our authorities must also step up their work in monitoring the quality of developments that are taking place.

“We must be proud of ourselves and not accept sub-standard goods and services provided by our industries.”

Sir Michael said government had recently launched its Vision 2050 to accommodate the rapid growth in the economy, population and keep pace with global changes and meeting the requirements of the Millenium Development Goals.

“In order to implement this vision, the public service machinery must also improve its performance,” he said.

“I will be personally making sure that changes are made so that the public and businesses get better services out of our governmentdepartments.

“I can assure developers like L & A Construction that government will play its part to provide the enabling environment for further growth and development.”

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  1. someone has got to say it, but there is some ugly looking bits of furniture there! I can't imagine too many of my friends out at 8-mile buying that gear for their homes!