Sunday, February 14, 2010

Attempted assassination of Ombudsman not as grim as the national silence

From Nasfund Newsletter

On December 11, 2009, something fundamentally changed in Papua New Guinea. One of the most important institutions of State, the Ombudsman Commission was sent a message.

That message was delivered by an attempted assassination on the Chief Ombudsman himself, Chronex Manek.

Having attended a round of functions, he was followed only to be met by three gunmen as he attempted to enter the gates of his house.

A bullet meant for his heart missed him by a few millimeters.

Let us be under no illusion about this attempted assassination. Chronex Manek was attacked for what he represents and for attempting to fulfill his role under the mandate of the Commission.

This brazen attack should concern everyone who believes in accountability, the rule of law and independence of institutions.

There can be no room for vigilantes who feel that intimidation and avoidance of potential scrutiny can be dealt with by violence.

 The attempted assassination is a direct attack on this country's future, its attractiveness for investment and its reputation.

  It is an attack on the people of Papua New Guinea.

Surprisingly and worryingly there has been little to no reaction from members of Parliament or civil society to this matter.

Have we become so fatigued by corruption, maladministration and abuse of the system that this episode is just but another to skim through briefly on our read of the daily newspapers?

 Is this what we have now come too?

This episode must not be forgotten.

The Government and the police must ensure that those responsible are brought to justice. Failure to do so, turns this country backwards, tears at the constitution and makes a mockery of our democracy.

This is not a direction any of us wish to see.



  1. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I think these assassinators are non other than what they called "fat rats" down in Waigani cafe.

    You see, just recently some of the big issues have been raised by OC under Mr. Manex against these fat rats and they are in hot rod.

    Therefore, these fat rats are looking for ways to get rid of some of their enermies (OC).

    We believe God will take care of OC coz OC is trying to uphold the laws of this nation.

    OC, keep fighting the battle till the justice

  2. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Mr. Manex and the OC team, we are with you. WE know the hearts of PNGns rest upon you, apart from The Father in heaven.

    Great Father will help you to fight the battle to sweep away the.... hollowing in the Haus Tambaran.

    We pray these greeds, self minded, self centered, and evocrats will never have a room in Waigani.

    Kaiam Bees