Thursday, February 25, 2010

Papua New Guinea needs a good government



The cries of Papua New Guineans go unheard.

Past trends show that PNG’s current political regime will not drastically change its poor governance approach.

 It is now up to the next new leadership and government.

 PNG desperately needs a new progressive government after the 2012 elections that will totally transform PNG.

Since Independence, government policies have not regularly been reviewed, updated and broadened with a view to counteract any misconceptions about them.

 The new PNG government must have a sound development strategy with a policy framework encompassing basic principles, goals, policies and highlights two overriding goals of greater participation by the people, and sustainable development.

PNG needs a revolution in political affairs.

It must change its political landscape starting this year with the full participation of all citizens. 

Every citizen and government must work together for a better country.

A fresh new leader with a new political announcement to inspire PNG is what is needed now to have a new “contract with all citizens” for a better government.

 It is about a dynamic plan that will have the government in a stimulating discussion and debate with its people which must go beyond any individual party national convention.

Today PNG faces very serious national challenges and its overall performance in the past 20 years has been quiet dismal. 

The country suffers from a disunited society, high unemployment, serious crime, social and political instability with serious health and environmental challenges such as the AIDS pandemic, a decrepit health care system, climate change and rapid urbanisation amongst others.

For many years now Papua New Guineans are simply fed up with their government’s performance.

 Its central agencies work mostly in an un-synergistic manner at all levels of a three-tier government system.

 The general output of governments has simply failed to meet the expectations of its people, hence; a new political order is long overdue.

So what can a new PNG government do after the 2012 election? 

The people of PNG want to see a future progressive and transformational government.

 A government with a sound plan with clear broad-based strategies specifically targeting critical areas to totally transform PNG into a prosperous, progressive and united country.

PNG needs a responsive and responsible government with the right plan and a new leadership approach to bring about a major sea-change.

 Its basic policy strategies must be based on the last 37 years of watching how PNG has been governed, its resources miss-managed, its politics corrupted by greed and special interests, and listening to what the ordinary people are saying.    

The people of PNG desperately wants a caring government with sound policy strategies to target key areas that will sustainably grow the economy, create jobs and give full government support to small businesses. 

The people need a government with a plan and strategy to change PNG. 

The next new government must be progressive and transformational.

  It must from the outset pledge to commit its full resources towards key areas of national concerns to achieve a reasonable level of long term sustainable development. 

A really good government must systematically review its strategic policies and not be content with just resting on its past laurels. 

Its strategic policy framework must fully cover a diversified range of national government issues. 

They should be cross-cutting development issues in many portfolio sectors encompassing political, economical, social, military, cultural, physiological and spiritual areas. 

Do we have any political parties out there listening to the cries of Papua New Guineans?  Do we have any MP and other aspiring politicians prepared to take up this noble future challenge, and field a good prime minister material in 2012 for PNG?

To do this, all political parties must now start working on their best new candidates in preparation for the 2012 national elections.

 The people must start thinking ahead now on whom they will vote out from the present bunch we have in parliament.

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