Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tembari Children's Care goes online

Tembari Children’s Care Inc - an active local community-based organisation (CBO) based and operating in Oro Province and in the National Capital District (NCD) - now has a new blog
The organisation was formed to promote and improve the living standards of orphans who are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and to educate communities on children’s rights to survival, protection, development and participation.
Based on the organisation’s strategic focus, it is the initiative of Tembari Children’s Care to establish community learning centers (CLCs) in the rural communities and settlements to facilitate regular education and awareness programs that will foster children’s growth, development and participation especially those who are HIV/AIDS-infected and affected children.
It is also the vision of the Tembari Children’s Care to seek and secure external assistance fro funds, materials and skill from donors, governments and individuals to support the programme for children’s growth and development.
TCC also recognises HIV/AIDS epidemic as a threat in the rural areas where people have no access to reliable information.
As such, programmes and projects would be developed to carry out massive public awareness and education regularly among the people in their own dialects.
The awareness would target people of all ages aimed at making them responsible, prevention-conscious and caring.
The organisation has about 15 trained volunteers who have been certified in different fields such as HIV/AIDS, counseling, home-based care, children’s rights, gender equality, child abuse, drugs and alcohol, STIs, and many more.
TCC seeks to work closely with civil society organisations, provincial AIDS councils, National AIDS Council, donor agencies and government agencies in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea.
TCC will always strive to become a leading community-based organisation promoting children’s rights to growth and development and keeping them away from all forms of abuse regardless of their gender and religion. Special consideration is given to those who are infected with, and affected, by HIV/AIDS.
Remember, today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. Please don’t leave them behind.

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  1. Congratulations, at least a community in Oro did something very positive for our children, in the face of HIV and AIDS in PNG. depassirem.